Ohana Tickets

Ohana Ticket Price: $90/attendee (includes dinner on Saturday night)

Ohana, Luau at the Lake

Ohana is a three day, all inclusive event. Your ticket admits you to ALL of the activities, events, performances, and contests during the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). It also covers your FABULOUS Luau Dinner on Saturday night (That’s right, we’re going to feed you too!).

Weekend activities include Live Music Performances, Vendors selling their fabulous wares, sampling cocktails during the Ohana Room Crawl, being wowed by the Polynesian Luau Feast & Show. You’ll get one of our Legendary Swag Bags and SO MUCH MORE!!!

We Look Forward to Seeing You At The Lake!!!

Thursday Night Kickoff Party: CAMP TIKI $25/attendee

We’re spinning the kick-off party back to 1979, deep in the woods at CAMP TIKI.

Camp Tiki

Camp Counselors in their short shorts and knee-high striped athletic socks, obnoxious campers running amok, the sweet smell of marshmallows on a campfire, and the dulcet tones of Kumbaya rise from the air. Jody, the loner, sits by the campfire attempting to play the latest Shawn Cassidy song on his acoustic guitar to impress Cheryl, the bubble-headed blonde leader of the girl’s cabins. Pete, the jock, left nearly an hour ago to go unearth the stash of hidden beer, and Brenda, the artsy virgin, is starting to wonder where he is. Surely he should have been back long ago…

And those shadows in the woods that look like a masked maniac wielding a chainsaw must only be tricks of the light, right?

We invite you to join us on Thursday night to find out who will survive TERROR AT CAMP TIKI.

All the cheesy slasher/horror tropes of the 70s and 80s are welcome. Randy counselors, clueless law enforcement, strange locals, and masked maniacs! We’ll sit by the campfire and tell ghost stories, eat some grub (included in the price) and dig on some great tunes, as we hack and slash our way through the evening. Live music, great food, great drinks, loads of laughs, and a killer on the loose…

Do you dare spend an evening with the Terror At Camp Tiki?

Please enter your name(s) exactly as you would like it to appear on the badge in the text field below. Most folks have their screen-names from the internet put on them (its nice to put faces with folks you only know from online), but feel free to choose any name/nickname you want. Just keep it PG-13 rated, and don’t go too overboard on length. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die” is an awesome badge name, but its tough to fit in the small space we have on the badges. For multiple tickets/names, separate each one with a comma.

Sorry. Tickets are no longer available.

But there's hope! Just in case there are some cancellations, you're welcome to get on our waiting list. If any slots become available, we'll let you know!

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