The 10th Anniversary Ohana Bowl ($80)

Yes, its the freaking 10th Anniversary Ohana Bowl, and it is flat out amazing. Once again, Squid floors me with his talents and pure genius when it comes to making the coolest stuff on the planet. Go show him some love over at

Yes, thats the fat-belly tiki from outside the Paradise Lounge of the Tiki Resort, and YES, his head is hollowed out so you can put 151 in there and set him ablaze!

Its a two person bowl (or one VERY thirsty person) and holds like 24 ounces ....I dont recall the exact number, but I know it'll take a little more than half of my bottle of St Ides.

Mugs will be picked up at Ohana only. They will not be shipped. Only 103 mugs will be available to Ohana attendees only, for only $80. Make sure you get one while they last!

Ohana 2018 Mug

Sorry. Mugs are sold out.

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-18 mugs left