Ohana 11 Two-piece Lidded Limited Edition mug ($80)

Yes Viginia, there IS an Ohana mug this year. And holy cow is it something special. I know I say it every year, but somehow its always true: SQUID has outdone himself and made a mug that ALL will covet.

We were hoping to have some fancy schmancy glamour shots of the final glaze, but we're still testing colors, so all we have are wax sculpt pics for you (Eekum Bookum is doing a KILLER job making them, and we've got it nearly perfect!!) Click the thumbnails below to view the incredible detail.

Ok... So, first of all, yes it's a two-piece lidded mug and will have straw holes in the roof.

It is ONLY available to OHANA attendees and you need to pick it up AT the event (No Shipping).

There will be aprx 160 of them for sale, and that's it. They will never be made again. When they're gone, they're gone.

see ya at the Lake!



Sorry. Mugs are no longer available.

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-2 mugs left