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PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:35 am 

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Open to my wife Beth and I to be Moai heads , members of FOM

My wife and I produce shows. It's our way of doing performance art. She has a degree in theater and I have worked as a recording engineer, record plant manager, disc cutter and 20 years as an IATSE stage hand. Oh yeah, I used to work in record distribution too.

For the past ten years we have been producing instrumental surf music events. ( I , along with help from members, produced the first Greater Cincinnati Blues Festival in 1992)
Instrumental "surf " has been around since at least 1962. It's a fun dance music for the most part. Today it is an underground world wide phenomena, thanks to the Internet.

The PERSISTENCE OF SURF MUSIC is our current series of shows and we at this time are presenting our fourth, fififth and sixth shows. Some of our past events are on you tube. People have traveled hundreds of miles to attend our events and they look good.

Beth is often the poster artist on our shows but sometimes we request the services of Maurice Mattei so from back to front I will share some posters with you, but it's up to YOU to discover this marvelous sound we call surf music. I will give you a few URLs to get into.

I usually mention "surf music" and people respond by saying , "oh, like the beach boys? " and I have to say "no, more like the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction". Over the years Beth and I have met people from all over the world that are into or performing this kind of music. I now have friends that I have played music with from Germany, Mexico, Peru, Australia, Italy, Croatia, and more as well as having driven to shows in Atlanta, North Carolina, New York State, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cleveland and flying the last three years to Los Angeles for the convention (now in its tenth year, we are going in August - and now it's two days. Last October we went to VENTURES FEST in Philadelphia and performed eight songs with members of the Ventures and their management in the crowd. Played two songs with the new bass player for the Ventures on bass. People that are into this exciting music have been playing guitars, bass or drums since their early teens and some have been playing for fifty years or more. They even got good at it.

Our next show features a band that has been written up in GUITAR PLAYER magazine and has traveled Europe and the states , played at the world renown SURFER JOE FESTIVAL in Loverno, Italy and has six fantastically performed and recorded CDs under their belt. The MADEIRA (Indianapolis) will be performing at Legends in Cheviot on the 20th of this month and they are in the feature spot. It's a great room with easy load in and house sound and lights. Also on the bill is the Lei Men (Cincinnati), Nicky Kay Orchestra (Dayton) , and the Grateful Surf (Cincinnati) . It starts at 8:00. Tickets through Cincy Ticket and Shake it, Moles, Everybodys records.

Our big event this summer is a two day Mini Surf Festival featuring from Los Angeles , CA the man who has literally written the book on the history of Surf Music and two others. John Blair is of Jon and the Nightriders , a well known in the world wide circles second wave group. John will be joined by Ivan Pongracic, that speedy staccato virtuoso stratocaster master from the Madeira. Dane Carter of the Madeira will be on drums and Jeremy DeHart of that fantastic surf group from the AQUALADS of Charlotte, NC will be on bass. All world class players. They are the headliners of the first night with local Grateful Surf and the AmpFibians also on the show at Urban Artifact on the 23 of June (ticketed) .

The second show for this two day festival is a new concept for Urban Artifact. It is a MATENAE. This is for hard core rockers. We start at 14:45 ( 2:45 for those who live in the USA) and the feature act is THE MYSTERY MEN ? of Atlanta GA. Also on the bill are THEY NEVER CAME BACK ! Guitarist Jay McKillop and photographer/bass player Stacy Fenner's new creation.
Return performances by the AmpFibians and the Grateful Surf and special appearances by TEAM VOID and Nicky Kay Orchestra both hailing from Dayton. Shows run till 9 PM - tickets through Cincy Ticket and the record shops.
Journey to the center of the surf

John Blair / Ivan Pongracic Band
Rumble at Waikiki - Surfer Joe Festival Italy 2015 - JonPaul Balak on bass

John Blair / Ivan Pongracic Band
Jeremy on bass - Pacifica CA JUNE 2016 - "Force of Gravity"

The AmpFibians
At the Oxford OH Battle of the Surfing Bands Fesitval
"Surf Riders in the Sky"

AmpFibians - " Spy's in Love"




Grateful Surf

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:08 am 
Honui Moai
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Cameo appearance by Honui Moai TikiSurfin:

Grateful Surf

FOM MC road captain
Excrementus Cadaemus

PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:42 pm 
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Aloha, do you know Hi Fi Hijinx? He is up your way.


To taua na Moai!


PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:42 am 
Fellow Moai
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One from my end of the world! Aloha and Welcome - we need to get you to a meet and greet for the KonTiki chapter (Dayton/Cincinnati).

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