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My current project...a Caprice PPV 9C3
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Author:  Tiki Rod [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  My current project...a Caprice PPV 9C3

It's been pretty quiet around here so I figured I'd post up what I'm working on. For those that don't know the Chevy Caprice died off in '96.

Luckily Holden in Australia builds some great cars for GM and they've been shipping them here disguised as Pontiac GTOs, G8s and currently the Chevrolet Caprice and SS. The Caprice is technically a law enforcement only car so finding one games some extra work and finding an unmarked detective package (9C3) is a challenge.

I managed to find a beautiful example with only 708 miles on it...mainly because someone blew up the engine. Sounds like a perfect candidate for a motor swap!

Here she is:

Now where to find an engine? I'm on a budget but am creative so instead of just picking up an engine I decided it would be the cheapest option in the end to pick up an entire car and pull what I need/want and sell off the rest and try to get my out of pocket cost as low as possible. Seeing that I like muscle cars I wouldn't be happy with just replacing the factory 355hp 6.0 Liter L77 V8 with a direct replacement I decided I would upgrade.

The initial plan was to buy a wrecked Camaro SS and use the 415hp 6.2L LS3. That was until I sold my toy:

That gave me enough to get a totaled Camaro ZL1 with the supercharged 580hp 6.2L LSA. I was excited but in the end could justify double the price of an SS so I settled on a totaled Cadillac CTS-V with the same motor, but rated at "only" 556hp and 551 lb-ft of torque. I was lucky enough to find this here in FL because it was rear ended, keeping everything I need up front nice and safe:

This past weekend I finally got the motor out of the Caprice:

This weekend (or tomorrow) I hope to have the motor out of the Cadillac and into the Caprice. Conveniently enough there are a number of parts that are shared like the water pump and oil cooler.

And a little something cool I found on the backside of the front bumper when I pulled it for all the Blues Brothers fans:

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