Friday August 5, 2016 at the Grass Skirt



¡Superfez! are utopian ethnomusicologists steeped in the tradition of exotic sounds made famous by Esquivel, Martin Denny, Les Baxter, and Arthur Lyman. The music of ¡Superfez! both pays homage to these vital musical pioneers, as well as updates those innovations for contemporary ears.

Francis Llacuna


Hawaiian-born composer, vocalist, slack key guitarist and ukulele player Francis Llacuna has been entertaining people for most of his life. During the original Tiki heyday of the 1960s, Francis performed with The International Four at The Tradewinds restaurant in Oxnard, California. He supported a young unknown hula dancer by the name of Bobbi Gentry, who would later become famous for her hit “Ode to Billy Joe” in 1967.

Francis continued to play at Aloha Joes and various other Polynesian restaurants along the West Coast. He also was part of the tour group for The Royal Tahitian Dancers, a Hawaiian group based at Disneyland that would play regularly at the Tahitian Terrace.

Mimi Le Uke

Mimi Le UkeYou have never seen the ukulele played the way it is played by Mimi Le Uke. Hailing from St. Louis, Mimi Le Uke brings her sassy stylings to the grace the stage under the tent. Ooo La la!

The Torments

the tormentsHeadlining friday night will be the Torments. From Boogalooville (Oobladi) & The Land Of Sky they came… Shambling and Howling Their way from the primordial ooze to bring Their brand of Rock & BluesaBillySoulFuzzTwang to all of the cowering squares on This Island Earth. So it is written – so it shall be… Amen!!!

Saturday August 6, 2016 at the Sequoia Pro Bowl

Cotton Jackson

cotton jackson Cotton Jackson Saturday night kicks off with Cotton Jackson. Working like a finely tuned tractor, plowing through the fields of the Midwest. Cotton, Joe Cobra and Gator bring a good-time hillbilly party to the stage. Get in the van and hold on!

 David Loy and the Ramrods

david-loy-ramrodsWe are excited to announce that David Loy and the Ramrods will be heating up the stage Saturday night. Check Learn more about David Loy at http://davidloymusic.com/


dakaijuGet ready to be attacked by the sonic reverb surf sounds of Daikaiju! You may have seen surf rock before, but not like this! You have been warned.

Messer Chups

messer chups We are proud to announce that the Messer Chups will be be taking the stage Saturday night. Hailing from St. Petersburg Russia, the Messer Chups bring a psych surf rock to a new level.