Save the Date for Hot Rod Hula Hop: August 8-9, 2014!

Hot Rod Hula Hop comes roaring back into Columbus, Ohio this August! Stay tuned for details.

Support Hot Rod Hula Hop 6's hosts! Grass Skirt Tiki Room Sequoia Pro Bowl

HRHH always delivers massive feasts and potent, exotic concoctions; the largest amount of Kustom and vintage Hot Rods, scooters and "general badassness" around; the largest and most widest array of vendors present for all your "treasure hunting" desires and an entertainment bill that you can simply not refuse!

TIKI! HOT RODS! SCOOTERS! MUSIC! BOOZE! GRUB! BOWLING! SHOPPING! SAND! (Yep, we said SAND!) And ALL KINDS of surprises we can't even let you IN ON at this point! (Hey, isn't that the point of a surprise?!)