About the FOM

We are the Fraternal Order of Moai (FOM), a secret society founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 2005.
Currently we have chapters and at-large members all around the United States and Canada.
The New York Times has referred to us as "a serious group of tiki aficionados."

These things may even be true.

FOM Foundation logo

Fraternal Order of
Moai Foundation

The Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization and helps us focus our community service and charitable giving.

Ohana people

The Port of
the Initiate

If you would like to meet the Moai we invite you to join us in our public forum: The Port of the Initiate.

"It is not down in any map; true places never are."

The Hop, Ohana, Makahiki,
CATT, NETT, BATTT, and even tiki bingo

The Order and our local chapters hold many events to raise money for charity. We think of it as fun with a purpose.

FOM Test Labs

The Order denies the existence of the FOM Test Labs as they do not exist.

"Making the world a better place in the past, present, and future... but not necessarily in that order."

Our Mission

The mission of the Fraternal Order of Moai is to serve as the premier fraternal organization and social network for all men and women interested in tiki culture and the Polynesian pop era; to spread the aloha spirit.
Our mission is guided by these core values:

  • Good Works

    We will improve our communities through charitable acts.

  • Fellowship

    We will provide a healthy and active social network for our members.

  • Spirit

    We will improve ourselves and our lives via the FOM philosophies, and help our Fellow Moai to do the same.

  • Presence

    We will develop new chapters and establish brick and mortar lodges everywhere that Fellow Moai gather.

  • Preservation

    We will document the history of tiki culture and learn the skills of Polynesian pop art.

  • Celebration

    We will develop many regional tiki themed gatherings.

Are you Moai material?

You don't need a fancy résumé or a letter of recommendation to become one of us. For that we have designed a simple process... the Trials. Joining the FOM requires following this path to membership.